.. and it had to be named. The very act of Should-I-Blog-Or-Not involved much soul-searching, time-wasting and Facebook status-updating. Once decided, like all things original, the first course of action involved an extensive Google Search. Having encountered strokes of sheer genius, including ‘Vomit of the Soul’, I then turned to the dictionary. I fell in love with ‘gobbledygook’ (which, infact, is a clear indication of the kind of blah this blog will have to offer) but decided that my options should include other examples of excessive Thesaurus usage. Of course, all bouncing off of ideas involves the picking of the Best Friend’s brain:

Me: Listen! How does ‘balderdash’ sound?

Him: Wha….?!

Me: It means senseless talking.

Him: *knowing tone* hmm..

Me: And I could morph it into ‘bawl-derdash’. Which would mean I’m ranting.

Him: Bu…

Me: And I could add an ‘-ery’ in the end and make it a phenomenon!

Him: ….

Me: That’s it! Yay! Kthnxbai!

Better sense prevailed in due time and I was later sifting through a few boring ones (A Penny For My Thoughts), some nutty ones (How Do I Blog Thee? Let Me Count The Ways) and a few clichés (Blog and Blue). A hundred names. A hundred choices. A hundred indecisions.


So here it is: the abstruse musings of a 23-year-old that won’t make much sense most of the time and will involve heavy doses of sarcasm, ranting and much meh-ness. You stand warned.

‘A Hundred Indecisions’ sounds nice. But not as nice as ‘Floccinaucinihilipilification’ would have, no?