1. You will be stuck at every possible red-light between source and destination. If you are particularly lucky, you will be stuck at the same light twice.
  2. The driver of the share auto you are breaking your back in will decide to socially network through the entire route. Hellos will be exchanged, families will be enquired about and new inclusions will be made to the friend list. In case the driver fears manslaughter at the hands of the passengers for stretching a five-minute ride into an episode of Desperate Housewives, he will choose to only super-pat a fellow auto-driver.
  3. If you want to travel to Spencer Plaza, every share auto at Thirumangalam will be headed to T.Nagar. And in the sudden occasion that you do have to travel to T.Nagar, all share autos will be routing to Spencer Plaza and the drivers will inform you about the same with a look that seems to say that only an idiot would ever want to go to T. Nagar.
  4. About half a minute before you reach your stop, your share auto driver will decide that this is, infact, the most convenient time throughout the day to stock up on petrol. Of course, since you are supremely lucky, the distance to your destination on foot would be equivalent to a trek up the Alps.
  5. As soon as you are about to cross the road, the signal will turn green and you can only helplessly wait till the Lord Almighty remembers that red is indeed a possible color on the signal, again. If perchance you do get to cross the road before the traffic onslaught AND you are smart, you will try to thread your way through still traffic (effectively jay-walking); but then again, since you are good luck personified, the signal will turn green when you are exactly halfway through with your traffic-tango. True story.
  6. You will be absolutely, completely out of loose change and the conductor will threaten to throw you off the bus if you don’t magically come up with exactly Rs. 3.50. That you handed him a ten-rupee note and his money-bag sounds like a tambourine on crack, is inconsequential.
  7. You will run out of your house 30 minutes before the printers’ shop shuts down and once you have mapped out how long the ride to the spot will take, how you will threaten people with a ghastly death if they cause delays in any way AND you have walked the hundred miles to the bus-stop, you will realize you left your pen drive at home and all the files you needed to print are on it.
  8. You have a submission in ten minutes and your graphic pen will run out of ink, colour pencils won’t sharpen without the points breaking off at least thrice and your design partner will vanish off the face of the earth.
  9. Your computer will hang exactly when you are going to save the final copy of the Photoshop file you have spent the last hour editing. And then re-start on its own. And while that happens, a long-lost friend will call with a sob story, expecting a shoulder.
  10. You want this post to have ten points, but you cannot think of one and you still want it to be ten points long (because a nine-point post is just weird) and so you decide to create a point of how you want it to be a ten-point post. For propriety’s sake. I’m sure you understand 🙂

P.S: Super thanks to the grand total of 4 people who commented on the earlier post. You make me want to continue attempts at The Blah-g 🙂