What better way to commemorate a hundred (odd) days away from the blog than a *drum-roll* blog post! *ta-dum dhoosh*

That sounded better in my head.

In the years I have been away (the past few months have felt like a lifetime lived and wasted), I joined the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi for a Master’s degree in Planning with a specialization in Housing. It is not as fun as it sounds (and if it doesn’t sound like fun, then bang on!) Sleep is no longer considered an important bodily function, no amount of work is good enough, co-operation and symbiosis are words best left to the dictionary and ranting becomes the norm. I’ve even lost my sense of humor. GAH.

Recent realizations indicate that I may have an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, for those from Mars). I feel an irrational need to label and tag everything I do. I put data in folders. Tens and tens of them. I capitalize the names on each one of those folders. When I name my music, it HAS TO contain the artiste’s name, followed by the name of the song. I have begun classifying the movies I store into genre folders. When I make a PowerPoint presentation with a group of 8 people, I take everyone’s parts, make a folder (again) and then rename everyone’s parts with their names. Even if we have to present in ten minutes and there are forty-five slides to compile. Heck, I had a brand new black bold-marker and nothing to do one Sunday afternoon, so I went and labeled every spice jar in the kitchen with the spice it should contain. Needless to say, it gave my roommates fodder for two years’ worth of ribbing and the labeled jars never contained the spices that I intended them for. I just might end up on Criminal Minds. Oooooooh! Shemar Moore, Thomas Gibson, Matthew Gray Gubler *obscene amounts of salivation*

SPA has a few friendly dogs on campus, one of whom I have named VIP, for the sole reason that he waltzes into our classes, curls up right next to the teaching platform and shamelessly goes off to sleep as a prof drones on, while we look on in absolute envy, longing for a full night’s sleep. VIP reminds me of Puppae, the street pup my roommates had adopted a year ago. While he was with us, I eventually got tired of his flaws, but in retrospect, I find myself missing the cute antics, the incessant need for love. Distance is probably a good thing because it allows us to focus on only the positive. There is only so long you can remain upset with someone, unless they give you a solid reason to hate. I have friends who have lasted the entire period I was away from Delhi during under-graduation and then I have ‘friends’ in Chennai who I ultimately got tired of, simply because their flaws eventually overshadowed whatever good they had in them. A long-distance relationship is easier in so many ways, because it allows you time for yourself, for friends, for studies, for marathon Criminal Minds sessions; yet it is a million times harder because you have to keep the chemistry going, the faith needs to remain unshaken, the commitments need to be adhered to. I probably expect too much of people, because honestly is definitely not everyone’s forte and being disappointed seems to be mine.

I really don’t have a point to prove with all gobbledygook I seem to be capable of (except for wanting Shemar Moore. THAT is not to be taken lightly!). SPA. Like I said, ranting becomes the norm.