Some conversations are worthy of documentation.

A: *laughs ‘aiwein’, as he likes to put it*

Me: To that, imagine me saying ‘kuchh bhi’, nautanki style.

A: Help me visualize.

Me: Imagine me standing in front of you. Now imagine yourself laughing for no good reason. Then imagine me saying, “kuchh bhi!” in a voice that manages to scale three pitches in two words. Simultaneously, imagine my arms swooping in from my sides up to your face, like you were a damsel in distress and I were your knight in shining armour, saving you from a bad sprain. Now imagine all this synchronized tomfoolery ending in a Bharatnatyam flower-mudrika.

A: *prolonged silence*

Me: Now I shall go imagine you taking an aspirin for the headache all that imagining gave you.

Happy holidays, everyone!